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2019-2020 Bid Proposal Guidelines

Surry County Early Childhood Partnership (Smart Start) announces the availability of proposal packets for 2019-2020.  Any agency or organization interested in providing service that meets an identified need in the areas of childcare, health, or family support for Surry County children 0-5 or of their parent (s) should call 786-1880 or come by the SCECP office at 101 West Lebanon Street, Suite 106, Mount Airy.  Packets and information as to content can be picked up during regular business hours (Monday - Friday:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm) beginning Monday, November 26, 2018 - December 20, 2018.  Submission deadline is 4:00 pm Thursday, January 10, 2019.


Smart Start in Surry County intends to become invested in programs that:

  • Offer support and education to parents of young children 0-5

  • Improve the health of young children 0-5

  • Improve the quality of childcare

  • Make childcare more affordable and accessible

  • Unify and mobilize resources for families of young children 0-5

  • Provide economic support for low income families

  • Ensure that young children 0-5 are safe from violence

  • Upgrade the delivery of services for young children 0-5

  • Educate the community about the value of early services for young children 0-5

  • Enhance early intervention services

Bid Content

  • Pre-contracting information (on disk/email)

  • Smart Start Format for Activities - Full Activity Format and Logic Model (on disk/email).  The following must complete the Full Activity Format:  1) All new activities; 2) All activities with a change in scope; 3) NCPC selected activities

  • Planning Budget Worksheet and Narrative (on disk/email)

  • Continuing Activity Format (on disk/email) - complete if not required to submit Full Activity Format and/or Logic Model.

(Send disk copy or email)

Required Pre-Contracting information and documentation will be processed prior to execution of contract.




Date Event
Week of November 25, 2018 Ad will appear in the Mount Airy News and the Elkin Tribune. Will be posted on the SCECP web site.
November  26, 2018 - December 20, 2018 Distribute Bid Proposal Packages and provide explanation of process and content of bids from 101 West Lebanon Street, Suite 106, the SCECP office.
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 4:00 pm (NO LATER THAN) Bid Application Package due in the Smart Start office (must be received by this date, in the SCECP office)
TBA Project and Planning Evaluation Committee meets and reviews bids.  They obtain additional information from bidders, if necessary.  Bids are reviewed and funding recommendations will be presented at next Board Meeting.
March Board Meeting Board hears all recommendations from the Review Team and makes decisions.
NO LATER THAN:  TBA Board approved Annual Plan is submitted to NCPC by due date.


REMINDER:  Approval by Board does not constitute authority to spend funds for the upcoming fiscal year.  A contract between the North Carolina Partnership for Children and SCECP must exist prior to contract with Direct Service Providers.  Funding of all activities are subject to the availability of funds.  Funding can be reduced or curtailed depending on availability of funds and the North Carolina State Legislators.

To Contact Us:


Surry County Early Childhood Partnership, Inc.

PO Box 7050

101 West Lebanon Street, Suite 106

Mount Airy, NC  27030




Telephone:  (336) 786-1880

Fax:  (336) 786-1879