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Setting Checklist:

  • Is the atmosphere bright and pleasant?

  • Is the environment clean and well maintained?

  • Is there a safe outdoor play area with a variety of equipment?  Does the ground cover provide a safe fall zone?

  • Can the caregiver see the entire playground at all times?

  • Are there areas for resting, quiet play and active play?

  • Is there enough space for the children in all of those areas?

  • Do you hear the sounds of happy children?

  • Will your child be happy there?

  • Is the program registered or licenses?  If they are operating under a temporary or provisional license, and how long have they been doing so?



Activities Checklist:

  • Is there a daily balance of play time, story time, activity time and nap time?

  • Are the activities appropriate for each group?

  • Is there a variety of toys and learning materials for the number of children?

  • Are the toys clean (washable), safe (age-appropriate, in good repair) and within reach of the children?




Caregiver Checklist:

  • Does the caregiver enjoy working with children?

  • Does the caregiver show respect for the children by making eye contact when speaking?

  • Are children as well as parents greeted upon arrival?

  • Are children's needs quickly met?  Are they comforted when needed?

  • Is the caregiver trained in First Aid and CPR?  Experience of caregiver.

  • Is the caregiver involved in continuing education programs?  Early childhood development classes?  Child care credential classes?

  • Does programming include the interests of the children?

  • Is the caregiver willing to answer your questions?  Are unscheduled visits by parents encouraged?

  • Will you receive an advanced schedule of activities or a report of daily activities?

  • Are parents ideas welcomed?  How does the center or home utilize the parents?

  • Is there enough staff to serve the children?

  • Do you agree with the discipline practices?




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