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The first years of a child’s life are very important. These years set the stage for success in school and later life.  Children who are raised in loving, safe and stable environments have a much better chance of becoming productive human beings.

During infancy and early childhood, many experiences should be gained and many skills learned. It is important to ensure that each child’s development proceeds without significant problems or delays during this crucial period.

In 2005, North Carolina established the statewide "Healthy Social Behaviors" initiative to:

  • Provide specialized consultations, technical assistance, and training focused on identifying, preventing, and addressing challenging behaviors in young children in child care centers.

  • Help teachers determine strategies to teach children socially appropriate behaviors.

  • Work with teachers to enhance classroom management techniques and promote child centered learning activities that promote social behaviors.

This initiative is being offered locally through the mandated CCR&R Regional Network.  Currently, these services are being offered only to child care centers although there are focus groups that are currently reviewing the possibilities for these services to be offered to child care homes as well. 

If you wish to request services for children with potential behavioral and/or development challenges, the child care center Director must request these services from the Work Family Resource Center and allow the Behavior and/or Infant/Toddler Specialists permission to serve children at their facility.

The following telephone numbers can be used to contact agencies for requesting services:

Work Family Resource Center (CCR&R Network):  (336) 761-5100

The Speech Center:  (336) 725-0222

Children Ages 0-3

  • CDSA (Children's Developmental Services Agency):  (336) 713-7467

  • Yadkin County Health Department:  (336) 679-4203

  • Wilkes County Health Department:  (336) 651-7450

  • Stokes County Health Department:  (336) 593-2400

Children Ages 3-5

  • Surry County Schools:  (336) 786-2459

  • Yadkin County Schools:  (336) 679-2051

  • Wilkes County Schools:  (336) 667-1121

  • Stokes County Schools:  (336) 593-8146




To contact us:

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Fax: 336-786-1879