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Source:  Smart Start - At Work Here Magazine - Winter 2006


Smart Start is a statewide initiative designed to ensure that every child in our state will arrive at school healthy and prepared for success.



How Does Smart Start Work?


Smart Start provides funding to local organizations called "Partnerships" to meet the unique needs of young children in each county.  Partnerships respond to the needs in their community by funding different programs.  All activities are reviewed and approved at the state level to ensure that programs are in line with state laws and are getting results.



How is Smart Start Funded?


Smart Start is funded through public/private partnerships.  The majority of funding comes from the North Carolina General Assembly each year.  In addition, tax-deductible contributions of funds, equipment and volunteer hours are received each year at the state and local levels.



Who Benefits from Smart Start?


Everyone!  When young children receive the highest quality of care, they ARE better prepared for success in school - this lays the foundation for a lifetime of active learning.


Over 171,000 children between the ages of 0-5 are in licensed and regulated child care in our state.  Smart Start programs focus on making sure that these children of working parents are enrolled in a child care setting of highest possible quality.  In addition, Smart Start focuses many activities in three general areas:  Children and Families; Child Care Centers and Homes; and Child Care Staff.



Does it Work?


Yes!  When Smart Start began in 1993, North Carolina had the worst child care guidelines in the nation!  North Carolina was in the bottom three for immunizations.  Now, North Carolina is in the top three for immunizations, and has a nationally recognized early care and education system!  Scientific research shows that children who benefit from Smart Start funded child care programs are more likely to have a primary doctor, have better language and cognitive skills and are better socialized!





For information about our parent organization click here:

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